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The best way to increase your ROI for your business is to use e-mail marketing. For each dollar that you invest in this powerful tool, you receive back 40 $! Watch this video until the end to discover some secrets about e-mail marketing and why it’s so important for your business!


It’s a follow up cycle that helps you to educate your audience about what you do, about the high value of your content and about the benefits that your customers can have by following you and buying your products!

To start it you need one basil thing…the e-mails of your customers, because otherwise how can they receive your informations?

To catch their e-mails you should use your opt-in page (I will speak about this topic in another video)


Each e-mail has a structure with which you can”play”, but pay attention to don’t change it too much, because it comes from experiences, studies and tests made by e-mail marketing’s gurus!

So this means that they did many mistakes and learned from them..don’t do the same! I’m telling that you can profit from the experience of someone else wha creates e-mails since years and years!

So I mentioned about a STRUCTURE… You should craft an e-mail in this way:

ATTRACTIVE SUBJECT: An attractive subject is not required that you have to speak about the content of the email, for example it can provide a concept that you will explain inside the email

HEADLINE: This part is a short recap about what the reader will find into the email. Recap means something like a discursive list of what you will explain inside the email

BODY: In this part you will explain the topic of the email. Always remember to do not go in depth with the topic, because email marketing means to create curiosity in your offers otherwise people do not have a reason to move on and buy your product

CALL TO ACTION: This is the part that we can call also HOOK, so the part where with a capturing phrase you stimulate your customer to click on the link, and obviously you have to place the link to your offer. The link could also be a link for another video, or a webinar, this means that the marketing action of your email will not finish with THIS CALL TO ACTION but it will finish with the call to action inside the video.

CLOSING: Always remember to thank your audience for their attention, say hello and remember to follow your channel and to contact you for more details. Inside you mail, for example, you can write about a part of your story…remember, STORYTELLING is a powerful way to connect you with your audience and the beginning of a great relationship with it. But don’t exaggerate to tell your story, because you cook seem like boring. You should write a piece of it and integrate with high value content, but, also in this case, be quiet! The risk is that you provide too much value for free, and you will attract only FREEBIES! For today that’s all folks I wish you a great marketing day and remember to follow me and leave a like and a comment to this video

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